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tusti5's Journal

9 November
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Well, my name is Justin, and I am originally from Minnesota, but got out of that frozen hell and now live in Tempe Arizona! I love it ... most of all when I am studying by the pool, tanning, in December, where I can call my friends and family back home that they are in negative degrees and snow! lol

What else ... I am a Scorpio and an only child, so can be spoiled, but I like to think of it as having good taste and never settling for less!

I moved down here for school, and was pre-med for 3 years, but got so burnt out that I had to take a year off! After working a bunch of crap jobs, I ended up trying working for Marriott and LOVING it! I am now still working there and am going to school for International Hospitality Management! *fingers crossed* for moving with Marriott to London or Germany to work in 2012!

Want some random facts?! Sure you do! lol
1.) I was the swim captain, state champ, all American (in swimming and academics)
2.) I have a 5 inch long tongue (so eat your heart out Gene Simmons!)
3.) When I'm stressed I either run, or eat some fattening fat food!
4.) My friends describe me as the Frat boy gone gay (yea, I am gay ... sorry ladies! hehe)
5.) I am a reality TV junky!
6.) I am a serial monogamist ... which gets me burned more times then not
7.) I play the pretty card to get out of being yelled at for doing stupid things
8.) This is really hard lol
9.) My favorite drink is a Dirty Martini with Grey Goose Vodka, but can pound down the Bud Light!
10.) I am an open book and answer ANY question that is asked!